It's Basketball time

Saturday, January 8, 2011

I'm sitting on a dirty rolled up carpet inside one of our town's oldest Elementary Schools.

Today is the first basketball practice for the Princess. Our team consists of 11 2nd grade girls. We split the gym with a team of 2nd grade boys.

As the Z-Man and I sit together and watch the practice, its apparent how different boys and girls are. Of course I already know this being the mom of a boy and a girl but it's hilarious to watch.

The girls are incredibly chatty. In between instruction they're showing each other where they've recently lost teeth. They play with each other's ponytails and giggle.

The boys on the other hand are quiet and reserved. They look for instruction from their coach. I think because it's the first practice the rough housing hasn't begun.

Its going to be a fun 8 weeks. The Princess has made 3 baskets and she's full of smiles.

Hope you're weekend is full of smiles too!
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You better take pics! I wish Haley would play b-ball. I love watching it.

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