A Poem About Stress

Monday, January 10, 2011

When I was in younger and dealing with this and an abusive relationship which I have yet to write about, I wrote poetry. ALL THE TIME! It was the only way I could get my feelings out. I have notebooks full of dark, depressing odes to my life. Some of the poems are downright awful but I keep this notebook to look back on my life. I have come a long way.

This week I'll be sharing a few of my favorite poems. The first poem made me laugh and it's so silly. I can't remember where I was working when I wrote this. I obviously didn't enjoy the job. This poem resonates with me because I always feel stressed. It sad to think I felt this way 15 years ago! It's like I was predicting my future. I hope it makes you laugh.

Written: 6/12/96 by Chantel G. (maiden name)

Stress wears your body out
Stress fries your brain
Stress makes you panic
Stress who’s to blame?

Running around frantic
A million things on your mind
Who, what, when, where, why?
Why must you do everything?
Can’t these losers thinks for themselves
A billion and one sticky notes
One on your phone, on your desk, in the car, oh shit, there’s one stuck in your hair

Stress wears your body out
Stress fries your brain
Stress makes you panic
Stress who’s to blame?

Do this, do that, hurry now, don’t be late
No time to eat, can’t even think straight
Your feet ache, your back breaks
Your head is split in two
But before you crack or melt away
I just have a few things to say

You are a good person
You do the best you can do
There are only 24 hours in this day
Take time out to do for you
Unplug the phones
Read a book
Call your mother and wish her well
Do whatever you have to do
Just take time out for you…ONLY YOU
Please yourself, but do it soon because
Before you know it…

The bloodhounds will be back on your back
With do this, do that
If they want things done down to a “T”
Tell them to shove it up their ass!

*This poem is property of Chantel W. Stealing will result in junk punches.*



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