Week 3

Monday, June 28, 2010

After my PMS induced bitching and moaning about the Clarksburg 2,000 Pound Challenge in my last post, I decided to stick with it. I'm not using any Herbalife products. I'm 90% sure that the Nutrition Clinic or the Weight-loss Coach read that blog post.

After thinking it over, I decided that a weekly weigh-in for accountability plus a 30 minutes class covering various nutrition topics couldn't be ALL bad.

My class was changed to 6pm so there is a larger group of "contestants" which equals a bigger jackpot for the winners.

The scale they use for weigh-ins is different from my scale. It's actually better! The perfectionist in me finds this slightly annoying that the numbers don't match. I need to let it go.

On June 14th at the first meeting, I weighed-in and let's just say I wasn't shocked.

I was down 2.6 last Monday. I'm attributing that lost to the fact that I ate 4 or 5 meals from Wednesday-Sunday total! I was depressed. That's a post for another time.

Tonight at the meeting I was up 1.2 pounds. I ate enough pizza on Friday for a family of 5. On Saturday I drank more wine than...well let's just say I was happy. In light of a weekend of excess and gluttony, a gain of 1.2 pounds isn't too bad.

No one ever said, losing weight was easy.



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keep up with it, babe. i'm proud of you!


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