2,000 Pound Challenge

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

When I returned home on Saturday evening, there was a blue flyer taped next to our mailboxes. All I could see was "Biggest Loser" and pictures of skinny people. I walked past the sign another 3 or 4 times before I pulled it down and stuck it in my purse. I wasn't exactly sure what this was about but I was curious.

I got to work yesterday, read the flyer in more detail and called to sign up. I don't normally do these kind of things. It's out of my comfort zone and I'm not really competitive. However....

I'm officially a participant in the Clarksburg 2,000 Pound Challenge. It's a Biggest Loser style competition. Former participants have lost a combined 916 pounds. Not shabby eh? I went to the first meeting yesterday, threw my $35 in the pot and was weighed and measured. The program runs 12 weeks and focuses on nutrition, exercise, how to lose weight and keep it off. We have a personal wellness coach, group support, and cash prizes! The person that loses the most percentage of body weight or is fat, wins 50% of the money. Second place wins 30% and third place wins 20%. That part is exciting but it doesn't really motivate me like it should. If someone offered me $100,000 to lose weight, I'd be interested. Would I work my ass of to lose the weight to get the money? Probably not. I'm trying to shake the lazy off me. What does motivate me is the penalty pot. Keep reading....

We will weigh in every Monday. If you gain weight you have to pay $1/pound. If you skip the meetings, it's $5. That money goes into the penalty pot. At the end of the 12 weeks whoever has lost the most inches wins that money! I don't want to gain. I definitely don't want to be throwing away $1 bills every week. I love the accountability this adds to the program. This my friends motivates me. Am I strange? Don't answer that.

Halfway through the meeting I realized the Nutrition Clinic that was sponsoring this hawks Herbalife products. I'm not sure how I feel about that. There wasn't any pressure to buy anything. Yet. I can't say I will or won't. We'll see. They did give us a cup of Herbalife Thermogenic Green Tea to try. Apparently I burned 80 calories just by drinking it. If you have taken any of their products, I'd appreciate any info in the comments section.

On Thursday I go to the Clinic to meet with my Wellness Coach. I'll have a body analysis done. This will help them determine my nutrition plan. And I suppose suggest various Herbalife products.

I know how this weight loss game works. I don't want to lose weight using "products". I don't diet. I'm not a fan of anything with the word d-i-e in it! I want to lose weight by changing my eating habits and with consistent exercise.

I'm hoping this 2,000 Pound Challenge, the personal coaches and the wealth of information with bring me one step closer to a healthy me.

Update: After writing this post I did some research online and found out more information about this Challenge. According to what I read online after my body analysis on Thursday, my wellness coach will most likely recommend two Shakes a day, a protein bar snack and one healthy meal. I feel hoodwinked. I was going to delete this post and write it from a different angle. Then I decided to keep it as is even though I honestly feel like an idiot. I have no interest in trying or using Herbalife products. That statement alone is shocking to me. I don't want the easy way out. I don't want to throw money I don't have at "weight management" products. I can still get my $35 back. It's not even about that. The idea in and of itself to have a Biggest Loser type challenge was appealing. It sounded fun. 30 minutes once a week to weigh in was doable for my schedule. I feel let down. This is not what I wanted to sign up for. There wasn't any indication Herbalife was involved in this.

I can still participate and not use the products. I will have to keep my calories in check and make sure I eat enough protein each day. The information I found online states that if you are using the products you don't have to keep track of anything. Easy peasy huh? 1 point for their products. I also found the instructors guide for Week 2 of the Challenge. It brought me back to an Amway "meeting" my mom dragged me as a teenager.

I'm going to call tomorrow and talk to my wellness coach. As of this moment, I want out. Not because of Herbalife. It's because I thought this was going to be a blood, sweat and tears competition. I know how these things work. I don't have the time nor the patience for product pushers. It's back to the 30 day shred, walking and eating healthy for me. If it takes me two years to lose this weight so be it.

Disclaimer: I have nothing against Herbalife the company, it's products or distributors. I have never used their products.


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Good luck!! That stinks that it's tied to a product and that there will be pressure to buy. Everyone has different methods of losing weight, they should embrace that. I do like how you can win money and are penalized for gaining and not attending meetings - keeps people from just dropping out.

I totally agree Michelle. The idea of the program sounded fun. I'm still bummed about this.

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