Random Tuesday Thoughts - Animals

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

-My co-worker and good friend for the past 3 and a half years had to put her dog down this afternoon. Shelby Lynne was a 14 year old chocolate lab. She came into work today really upset and after talking with her hubs and family they decided it was the right decision. When you have a pet in your family, they become an integral part of what makes your family whole. I've lost dogs, cats and my hamster when I was in 6th grade. It's so hard on the whole family. You know it's the best decision for your pet and at the same time you feel like you've let them down. If you pray, please keep her family in your prayers. If you can send good thoughts their way I would really appreciate it.

-Speaking of animals, I'm 98.5% sure there is "something" living in the wall in my bedroom. I finally started to doze off around 1am this morning when I heard this g-d awful sound like someone or something trying to get into my bedroom. Of course I woke my girlfriend up because isn't that what you do when you hear a bump in the night? She heard the noise too. It was as if the animal(s) was climbing up, around and through something else to get to its home, INSIDE THE WALL!!! It was loud enough and heavy enough that I refuse to believe it was one single animal. I'm going to stop by the rental office tonight and let them know. I don't know what they can or will do short of cutting open the wall. Which is behind my bed which means where the hell am I going to sleep? We'll see what happens.

-There is another kind of animal invading my life recently. The Princess is playing soccer. She's on a team of 6 and 7 year olds with minimal experience. These animals stand on the sidelines and scream instructions at their daughters. "Create space" or "Get the ball" or "Run, run" or "What are you doing?!?!" Dude, your kid can't hear you. SHUT UP! If they can hear you then they become confused as to whether they should listen to their parent or the coach. The coach get pissed. It's embarrassing. I feel awful for one girl in particular because her dad is behaving like an ass on the sideline barking orders at her. Doesn't take a genius to imagine what's he's like at home.

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Creepy sounds from the walls or attic always freak me out. I'd have a hard time sleeping at all until the critter vacated the premises.

Happy Random!

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