Thursday, April 15, 2010

Scene: Home from football practice and a quick dinner with friends. We walk in the house and the kids and I are in a great mood. It's a combination of the warm weather and a busy but exciting weekend ahead of us. I'm getting The Princess ready for a bath. The Z-Man comes into the bathroom and says:

The Z-Man: Mom, I was talking to my friend yesterday and he was telling me about this guy that had two joints.

Me: *ears perk up* Joints? Huh? What? Who?

The Z-Man: Yeah this guy has two joints. My friend saw it on TV.

Me: I'm sorry, I don't get it. Joints as in Marijuana? *heart racing*

The Z-Man: No, mom. *laughing* His arms. He could bend them like this. *attempts to contort his arms*

Me: Oh, you mean double jointed. Double. Jointed. Yeah, that's pretty crazy isn't it. I wouldn't want my arms to bend that way. It's creepy.

The Z-Man: Yeah, it looks like it hurts. *walks away*

Me: *faints*


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::wipes brow:: Phew!

Wow! *heart calms down, ears fall like puppy* I missed that moment!!


(that hashtag in loving memory of EmmieJ)

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