Yard Sale Saturday

Monday, September 21, 2009

Our apartment complex hosted a yard sale on Saturday. This means they advertised, put out signs and let us pile our crap in two parking spaces in front of the Leasing Office. Ha! They're smart aren't they?

I called to reserve our spot because my kids read the sign and realized they could sell their junk for cold hard cash. They were excited about the money. I was thrilled they starting going through their old toys and cleaning up.

So then Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday came and went. I pondered how I could get out of it. I'm known for signing up for something, then dreading it and sometimes just blowing it off. Not my favorite character trait and I'm trying to set a good example for the kids. I listened to the voice mail from an overly enthusiastic Malcolm from the Leasing Office giving me the deets. I felt guilty. It's not that I didn't want to participate. I was tired from a long week. Gathering our crap, cleaning and slapping it with a price sticker was low on my priority list.

Alas, I gave in. I rushed around our apartment on Friday night. Did some quick research on pricing. Tweeted with my friend Maria who is the queen of yard-sales and got busy.

I set my alarm for 6:45 am (I know, freaking ridiculous for a Saturday morning) so I could run to the store and get change. I also wanted the kids to sell Lemonade. You know, to keep them out of my hair to practice customer service and math skills. The alarm never went off. It was set for weekdays only. I bolted out of bed at 7:45. The kids and I threw everything in the car and rushed to set up.

The yard sale was set for 8:00-noon. I know how these things works. People lurk around early! Waiting for their watch to strike 8:00 am exactly then pounce! Thankfully we weren't the only residents running late.

It didn't take too long for me to set up our table. There wasn't much there.

I think I priced everything reasonably. I only had to haggle with one family. The cars came in waves and it was crazy! They would pull into a parking space and before the vehicle was in park all the occupants jumped out and attacked! I sold all my higher priced items which was great. I listened to all Maria's tips and reorganized the table when thing were purchased.

The kids drove me insane! They were antsy and bored. They walked around to see what the other residents were selling. The Princess wanted everything! I was firm and said they could each buy one thing. It had to be under $2.00. They came back full of smiles.

Price: .50 cents. It's a bank and the nice lady put one quarter inside to get her started. I sprayed this sucker down with Lysol when we got home.

The Z-Man has wanted a skateboard for awhile. He already knows how to use it and do tricks and all those other boy things I don't understand. He was thrilled with his purchase for $1.50.

After 4 hours I made $50. Technically $45 because I owe my son $5 but I'm going to conveniently forget that fact. As much as he eats at 11 years old, he owes me money!

We packed the car back up with our junk that didn't sell. I broke a major yard sale rule by doing this. I should have driven everything directly to The Salvation Army but I didn't. The last time I donated items to them, I came back a second time with another carload and saw all my stuff crushed on the ground. Instead of The Salvation Army I have listed everything on Freecycle.

I'll definitely do this again. I'll organize ahead of time. Maybe. But it felt good to get rid of the clutter and the cold hard cash felt nice in my back pocket.



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Your kids look so cute and happy with their new to them stuff. I'm just getting into the yard sale thing..I think it's my friends fault, she's become a goodwill-aholic.

Good going Girl!! Sounds like a success to me!

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