Random Tuesday Thoughts - The Sucky Edition

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

1) I'm on Day 4 of Operation Quit Smoking. I'm on edge. I want to scream. My temper is short. I feel so angry about everything. My body is craving the nicotine. I know it. I rationally know how it all works. This is a battle of wills and willpower. I have to win! Besides I'm the idiot that started smoking again socially after quitting over 11 years ago. I don't want my kids to smoke. I have no choice but to quit.

2) Two people that almost everyone in my department at work have spoken to on the phone have passed away. The woman had a heart attack. The other, a man was murdered. He and his wife were murdered by her supposed lover. He killed them, then shot himself. They had 2 kids. One in college. The other, a son. Only 16 yrs old. He was able to escape. Its tragic and sad. We are pretty speechless at work.

3) I broke a major rule when you have a yard sale. Whatever doesn't sell is supposed to go straight in the trash or preferably Goodwill or The Salvation Army. I did get rid of a few things with Freecycle but the rest is sitting by my front door. I need to throw it all away. Except for the clothes. I'm giving them to the Interfaith Clothing Donation place. But the rest of our "junk" yea, I'm going to throw it away.

4) I picked up my kids yesterday and they came back from their dad's house with two more bags than they left with. Apparently they took a trip to their dad's storage unit where a lot of there stuff is. I'm sure it was like a visit to a toy store. All their old toys were new again. The problem is we live in a 2 bedroom apartment. The kids share a bedroom. THERE IS NO ROOM FOR ANYTHING ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5) My love and I drove to Greenwood, South Carolina on Friday for a wedding. It was an 8 and a half hour drive one way. I drove the whole way on Friday. Once we checked into our hotel room. I was ready to party. And we did. WAY. TO. HARD. I was sick. Thought I was going to die. I promised the Big Guy above that I would never drink again if he would just make the headache go away. Thankfully the wedding was at 6pm. I had plenty of time to rest. Unfortunately, I still haven't recovered.

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Ooh girl, you can do it for the quitting smoking! I got caught smoking in second grade, and haven't done it since!!

My kids are always trying to drag something else home, from friends or whomever...I make them give it all back, they've got too much already. And anything my oldest daughter brings from her dads, I ship it back and tell her it has to stay there, most of the time anyways.

I haven't gotten sick like that in many years..but oh the good memories!

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