Back to School Night: The 6th Grade Edition

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tuesday was Back to School Night for Middle School. The Z-Man is in 6th grade. I arrived early to sell Spirit Wear for the PTSA. Yes, I am that mom. The bell rang and we were off to 1st period.

- The Z-Man has 2 male teachers and 5 female teachers. This is his first time ever having a male teacher. He thinks it's pretty cool.

- The entire school uses the ActivClassroom by Promethean. I had never seen this before. Think beyond chalkboards, beyond dry erase boards. It's amazing. I wanted to play with it.

- Either my eyesight is failing or the classrooms have horrible lighting.

- I'm scared shitless of 7th grade Math. The teacher gave us a quick quiz. I F.A.I.L.E.D. The question is at the end of this post.

- I wish I could sit in for 6th grade Reading. The teacher is someone I would have clung to when I was that age. Getting lost in books to escape the dysfunction that was my childhood. I wouldn't mind reliving Greek Mythology and taking a field trip to the Newseum.

- P.E. sounds as awful as I remember. The Locker Rooms still reek of prepubescent bodily changes.

- Indus Valley? No clue what that it but The Z-Man will be learning about it. Social Studies was never really my thing.

- English tested my memory of hyperbole's. I failed but we did get to use the ActiVote. Every student is assigned a number and an Activote button. I love interactive learning, technology and saving paper!

The year is off to a great start. Check in with me before, after and during the first school dance.

Now quick, what's the answer to the Math question? Leave your answer in the comments section. No cheating!! *click on the picture to enlarge*


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this makes me glad that i'm not in school anymore. geeze. lol

I'm scared of math starting at...hmm, guess when someone even says the word then I am freaked out..dang math!

I so agree! All of a sudden I remember everything about 6th grade. It was not a fun time. The Z-man is enjoying the freedom and the schedule but we need to work on organization. Gah!

I didn't even mention the rotating schedule. Periods 1,2,3,4,5 then the next day 6,7,1,2,3...I think. Dude, I don't know even get it. Thank goodness he does!

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