Random Tuesday Thoughts - because I'm too lazy to think of my own title

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I've never participated in this before but it sounds about right for how I'm feeling so off we go...

- I attempted to learn the code to make bullet points for this post but gave up.

- I have gray hairs...that I have not plucked. I always snatch those suckers out. Does this mean I'm accepting my age or just lazy?

- I want to call out every nasty woman at my job that doesn't wash their hands after they use the bathroom. I know who YOU are and I want to put you on blast. And by the way, just rinsing your hands with water after you pee, is NOT okay.

- I want another tattoo but apparently not bad enough to actually get it done. I want this on my wrist. (Page 2, top left corner, 1st one that says Love with two flowers.) I haven't done it yet because I'm very busy with my kids, work and stuff scared shitless it's gonna hurt!

- I have a wedding to attend on September 26th. I've had months to start exercising, eating better, shedding some major poundage. I haven't done a damn thing. I'm going to do my best to avoid pictures being taken of me and my fat ass. Did I mention that I have nothing to wear? I don't do dresses...gah!

- Kanye West makes good music. When he opens his mouth to speak, things go downhill, rapidly. I bet his mama wishes she could smack him upside the head.

- I can't believe we're in the 3rd week of school already. I'm exhausted.

- I hate bills. I hate paying bills. I hate that I never have enough money to pay my bills.

- Winning the Mega Millions would certainly help with above mentioned problem.

- As usual, I'm wishing it was Friday like now.

- Special shout out to my mommy who reads my blog every now and again. That's nice but also freaks me out. So far, I haven't spilled any of her dark and dirty secrets.

Ok, that's all I got for now. Make sure to check out Keely for all things wonderful and random. She's an expert at this stuff.



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        Fair warning: a wrist tattoo does, indeed, hurt like a sonuva. If I could do it again, I'd be too 'busy' too!

        Damn! I was hoping you'd say it was nothing! I've heard from a few friends it hurt like hell and other say it was not a big deal.

        Thanks for weighing in. I'd let ya know if I decide to go for it.

        You've gained a new follower! Your blog first captured my attention due to your name..I have a niece named Chantelle, so I figured I would check out your blog. So a few things, first is your kids are adorable, damn the gray hairs!, just go for it with the tattoo!, I'm getting my third and final one in approximately a week and it's gonna be on the most sensitive part of me (my upper back)..just do it!, I'm right there with ya on Kanye, and last but not least..right on with the "Obama Drama" segment...people need to shut the hell up already and stop making an issue out of something that isn't an issue, I think it would've been great for the kids to see the President give that speech..but they didn't since our school decided not to play it. I didn't even get a chance to see it, but unfortunately heard way too much about people bashing it.

        So here's my novel just to say hello! And can't wait to see some of your past posts.

        Forget about those grey hairs, you are young at heart and a beautiful person :)

        Let's make sure I'm there when you get that tattoo. the link opens to a page of choices, I hope you mean only one, LOL!

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