Better than You

Friday, July 24, 2009

July has been a tough month for me. Summer camps are so expensive that I debated selling one kid so the other could attend camp but how do you choose?

The Ex-Factor amazed me again and kept the kids with him for two weeks. I didn't like this arrangement but I had no choice. He lives 30 minutes away (I know, it could be worse) and I wouldn't get to see the kids ALL WEEK!

I was a wreck. Every damn day I woke up, went to work, came home, stuffed my face, stared into space, checked email, tweeted and went to bed. I was lost without my kids.

As a single mom you would reckon I would relish the break. I didn't cook, clean or do laundry. Ironically, I missed it. Which made me mad because I'm don't like doing any of that shit. The kids didn't call me. My son didn't text me. When I called them it went straight to voice mail. Was The Ex-Factor brainwashing them against me? All I could do was hunker down until I saw them again, drowning my sorrows in Pinot.

True to my nature, I was distraught for nothing. When The Ex-Factor dropped the kids off, we hugged and kissed and I was beaming! Before their dad drove off, they both starting taking at the same time. They missed me like crazy. They told me all the reasons that being with their mom is better than their dad.

Here's a select few from their list or what I like to call Mom is better than Dad because:

*warning: No editing, this is word for word*

1) Dad doesn't have nail clippers
2) Dad doesn't have tape
3) I can't sleep because Oreo & Kokoa (Chihuahua's) walk all over me
4) Dad only has cereal for breakfast
5) The boys are too loud and I can't sleep (his gf has 3 kids)

It's the small things that make me smile. The next day I made pancakes and eggs for breakfast.


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