Friday, July 24, 2009

Welcome if you're visiting on the Blog Road Trip at BlogHer@Home! I've already met a bunch of new kick-ass women and men last night at the chat.

I ended up on the Details page and added my linky without reading what it was for. I was rushing and skimming to make sure I was involved in everything. Then I realized it was for the Blog Road Trip. Then I was like shit!

I have serious blog insecurity. I'm just getting starting, trying to be disciplined with writing, I know I need to get over the pink and purple and the whole thing needs a overhaul. Any takers on that task hit me up!

Anyway, it is what it is. I'm learning and growing and I can't wait to check out YOUR blog. Happy reading, I'd love any and all feedback, comments or suggestions.

See ya tonight at the video chat.


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It's a pleasure to me you!!!!

It was great to meet you too Anne. Thanks for stopping by. :)

I was happy to meet you at BHAH09. It's literally going to take me to read everyone's post :)

Hey Karen. Same here. BHAH09 has introduced me to tons of new people and blogs. It's like a whole new world! I agree, it will take forever. :)

Stop by anytime and I look forward to tweeting with ya. xoxo

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