Middle School Orientation

Friday, July 17, 2009

Today was the student/parent 6th grade Orientation. My kids have been with The Ex-Factor all week and met me at the school. I was proud of my always running late ass and I arrived 5 minutes early. Turns out it didn't really matter. The Prince, the Princess and The Ex-Factor were already there. Damn!

We met the Guidance Counselor who will be with our children all three years of Middle school. I love that! We also met the P.E Teacher, the 6th grade Team Leader and the Asst. Principal (who I know from my former church, before the great "coming out.") I'm thankful she will there to watch over the Prince.

We went over the crazy schedule this school has. When I was in 6th grade we had a homeroom teacher, I think 7 classes including gym and two electives. The same schedule day in and day out. Well, parents, things have changed. This school is on a rotating schedule. I don't quite understand how it works. I'm hoping The Prince who is a much smarter than his momma was listening, paying attention and will know the deal. It works something like the class blocks are 90 minutes so you have 5 out of 7 classes a day.

The next day you start with period/class 6. According to the Asst. Principal this schedule works great for this school and has for years. I believe them...for now because I really don't have a choice. It is what it is. I'm sure it will be fine.

We went over the P.E. uniform. Gray and dark blue. I was ecstatic because those are GEORGETOWN colors. The school sells the set for $25. WTF? I asked the Prince after and he didn't really care if he had "the set" or just dark blue mesh shorts and a gray shirt. That's my boy! The kids also had a chance to practice opening a combination lock. The Prince, like I said is smart as hell! He opened his lock on the first try and spent the rest of the time helping his friends figure it out.

Then we went on a tour on the school. There's a big difference coming from a Elementary School to Middle School. Did you know they have WINGS in MS? Wings?! I thought those were only for airplanes? We toured the whole school. It's now been 10 hours and I don't remember a damn thing except the tour of the locker rooms. We toured the boys and girl's locker rooms and the smell brought back awful memories.

5 Random Middle School Memories: (in no particular order)

1) Aunt Flo started & I swear I was the only one. It was a nightmare.

2) Changing in the Locker Room before and after P.E. and when Aunt Flo was visiting it was ever more mortifying.

3) Being teased because of my hair and clothes.

4) Wearing Blue Eye Shadow because everyone was doing it.

5) Not being able to open my locker and too embarrassed to ask for help.

Now that I think about it, there's so much more. I was a bad girl and was suspended a few times. Long story.

I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure my son has a great 6th grade year. I've already bought him a combination lock to practice on. I'm trying to down play my nervousness so he remains calm. I'm already involved with the PTSA so I'll be there. Maybe it's different for boys? We'll see...

I'm scared to death and nervous for him. So far, I've raised him to be a leader, he's smart, funny, and athletic. All around great kid! I think I'm the one who will have a hard time.



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