a boy, a girl, a movie....date?

Friday, June 5, 2009

My firstborn. My son. My sweet little baby boy who was and still is the most laid back chill person I know, wants to take a girl to see a movie. He's turns 11 in 68 short days. The girl is "M" and they have known each other since 1st grade. She's pretty with long flowing black hair, cute glasses and is tall just like him. I've asked him repeatedly if "M" is his girlfriend. Answer is always NO! Apparently he "likes" her. I know that "M" like my son who will now be referred to as "Z" because she texts him all the time. His beat up Verizon flip phone constantly announces that he "Has a message from..."M". What does "liking" mean at this age anyway?

So my son and his best friend "S" who "likes" this girl also named "S" want to all go together to see a movie. They've been talking on the phone, texting, figuring out a movie, date and time. The plan was presented to us and my immediate thought was sure why not. The boys were nice and let the girls pick out the movie. It's just a movie. My son wants to go but he's not really pressuring me about it. Like I said, he's very laid back.

I discussed the plan with his Dad & my love and we all agreed that a parent has to be there. THERE as in inside the movie theater with them. I think "Z" and "S" thought we were going to sit in their laps and baby them because they flipped out! I pulled my son aside and made it clear that they would NOT be dropped off and picked up after the movie. It has to be chaperoned. *side note: I'm really only mean when I'm tired or have PMS, so I was proud of myself. I'm sure my kids would not agree but I'm the mom & the boss so there!*

He agreed as long as I didn't sit next to them. So here we are. A boy, A girl and a Movie Date. It's supposed to take place tonight at 8:30. I have to call "M's" parents and confirm the details. Do they even know about this? Is she allowed to go? I have no clue. My son's friends mom is going to do the same with "S". We'll see what happens.

The funny thing is on the day I was in DC for the MS Walk, said son's friends mom was going to take the boys to see a movie and the girl's would meet them there. I didn't mind. It was Saturday afternoon, daylight, one of the girl's 18 y.o. brother would be the chaperone. But now...now I'm all over this like white on rice. I think after much discussion I've determined that I don't want to be THERE and chaperone because I don't trust my son, or because I want to embarrass him.

This first date situation thing will only happen once and I want to be there to witness it so I can tease him about it in 10 years.

Take my Poll and tell we what you would do? I need all the help I can get raising a almost 11 year old boy. Did I mention that his voice has started cracking?



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I said maybe... but really it depends on if there are other kids going too.. a group yes. just the two of them? NO. :)

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