Project 52 - Week 3

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I had a vision for this photo. I saw it in my mind all week long. When I enlisted The Princess as my assistant, gathered her basketball and started snapping photo's....I found I couldn't create the photo in my head.

I am very uncoordinated on a regular basis. I couldn't quite figure out the alignment for the ball, her hands and my position/angle when taking the photo.

This is the one I chose for Week 3 of my Project 52. It's my favorite of the 24 photo's I took.

I love how you can see the entire ball, her hands which look big but are so small and precious. I also like how you can see her in the background just a little bit. She was watching Phineas & Ferb while I continually asked her not to move. She's a great sport!

Share your Project 365 photo's or Project 52. I'd love to see your photo's!!


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You did a great job! Adding the explanation let's us know what you saw in the lens. You are rocking it!

Thank you Nik! I'm having fun.

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