Poetry Day 2

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm back to share two more poem's with you. You can read the first post here. Both poems were published in The American Poetry Annual by The Amherst Society in 1995. I was 17 years old and had not graduated from high school. I submitted a few other poems but they were so dark and depressing. I wasn't surprised when they were rejected. When I did receive notification that two of my poems would be published I had to beg my parents on hands and knees to order the book. If I accomplish nothing else in life, besides giving birth to two 8 lb 2 oz babies, I can say that I am a published poet.

Without further ado, and please remember I was 17, my poems.

Love makes me wonder about life as I know it
Sometimes love doesn't make me think at all
You feel as though you're invincible, floating on a cloud
And then one day the cloud floats away
Along with the love
You wonder what went wrong, why the feelings changed
Get over it they say, but the love in your heart still says.
-Copyright Chantel G.

You are all I can think about
You are all I dream about
Pictures of you flash in my head
Your name escaped softly from my lips
Did you hear me when I cried out your name late that night?
It was you I wanted but I couldn't let you know
It was you I wanted but I didn't let it show
But now that we have grown apart
We can never have what we once did
I long for you to want me, to think about me, to even call me on the phone
Our friendship couldn't sustain the pain you caused, but still I can't let go.
-Copyright Chantel G.

You would think I had a serious love affair in high school right? You would be wrong but I still love ya! I never had a boyfriend. Probably because I was gay. Or it could have been because I went on one date in 9th grade against my parent's "orders" and of course I got caught. I think the word spread that I was too much trouble to date.

Do you have any heart wrenching love poems from your teenage years? Please share them so I don't feel so lonely.



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