Our Family Holiday Photo Shoot

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Last week My Love transformed our dining room into a photography studio. We had a backdrop, studio lights, her to die for Canon 7D and her new HP laptop. When the kids and I came home that evening we were very excited. It took awhile to get everyone situated and beautified.

We had fun posing, being silly and trying to remember how many seconds we had in between each shot. We ended up taking 90 photo's that night. I went through and picked my favorite's. The goal was to have 4 usable photo's for our Christmas cards. My love and I have been together since May of 2007 and we have never sent Christmas cards. It always seems too overwhelming. Don't get me started on how critical I am of myself. This year I decided we had to take photo's no matter what. I'm so glad we did!

Here are some of my favorite photo's.

Damn, I make some gorgeous kids! We're a great looking family. Did you family take Holiday photo's this year? Do you send out photo cards of your entire family or just the kids?



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look, JUST LOOK at how stinkin happy ya'll are.

I LOVE these pics! You have a gorgeous family! I've always sent holiday cards but only use pictures of the kids. Next year will be the year I get the four of us in there!

You have a beautiful family!! I keep trying to get mine together to take some, but I get you on the overwhelming aspect.

Beautiful photos! Gorgeous Family! We do our own each year, much the same way you did it. Then we edit in photoshop to make it look like a card and send it to Costco and it works out to less than 12 cents a print! Works for us! Oh, and we always send a family pic. I've wanted to do just the kids, but we have so much family in Holland/Belgium, that they want to see us too.

@My Bottle's Up Thank you! We really had an amazing time. It was a lot of fun!

@Jill Thank you for the comment. I have always just used a photo of the kids too. I never wanted to be in the picture. This year I'm using the last picture and printing it out into 4x6 prints. I brought some cute frames at Kohl's and viola: Christmas presents for the adult family members.

@Monique Thank you for the comment. :) You know it was overwhelming at first. We didn't all have matching shirts. I had to wash my hair, put makeup on. It took a few hours from straight to finish, we took a break to eat dinner BUT it was totally worth it. Go for it!!

@Beth Thank you! I love that idea of editing in Photoshop and printing at Costco. We used Snapfish this year. :)

Great pics!! You all look beautiful. I'm sure N didn't have to retouch them at all.

I just ordered my cards, featuring my dog :)

Oh MY GOSH what a beautiful family! I have no idea what you have been critical of yourself about in the past but you ain't got nothing to complain about now. GORGEOUS FAMILY!!

@Michelle Thanks love. Lightning does wonders. :D

@Rene Thank you so much! That's a wonderful compliment coming from GEM. Wow....

Awww! I love them all!!

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