I love you more!

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Princess has been on this kick for the past few months. When I say I love you, she says she loves me more. I told her it was absolutely, unequivocally impossible for her to love me more than I love her. She didn't buy it. She listed off all the things she loves about me and I did the same.

For one week I told her she could love me more but after that it has to go back to normal. Once that week passed she refused to give in. She insists that she loves me more than I love her. I look into her big brown eyes that light up when she sees me. I can't help but smile back. She is so uniquely her own little person. At the same time she is so much like me. When she has her hair a certain way, she reminds me of myself at 7 years old. I want to memorize everything about her at this age. Her hands that are a mini replica of mine, her long limbs that she'll grow into one day. I want this image of her to be forever ingrained in my mind.

She tells me when she's older she'll still feel the same way about me. She will still love me more than I love her. That she will always want to be around me. Sitting on the sofa under her yellow blanket while she reads me a book. Snuggling together while we watch iCarly.

I wish she could stay my little peanut forever. I wish I could see myself in her eyes, from her point of view. I wish I loved myself as much as she loves me.



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When my kids were young, it was "I love you more than all the chocolate chip cookies in the world"...

Our kids have SO much love for us.They may not stay our babies forever, but hopefully the love never ends. :)

Chocolate chip cookies! Yum! That's some serious love right there. :) I recorded her saying how much more she loves but I can't figure how to get it on here.

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