ROAD TRIP - 12 days and Counting

Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm counting down the days until we buckle our seat belts, I pop a Clozenpam (when I'm not driving) we leave Maryland and head for that big ole state that is T-E-X-A-S! I'm still nervous about driving such a long distance. The furthest I have ever driven from home is to Florida. Last summer we went to Myrtle Beach with the kids and that's a 9 hour trip. 9 hours sounds easy peasy compared to 26 hours of actual driving time.

I've printed out my usual road trip games for the kids. Hangman, Bingo, the license plate game. This is where you come in. I need your help. My kids are 11 (the Z-Man) and 7 (The Princess). I'm not as worried about my son because as long as our rental car has outlets to charge his cell phone, PSP and iPod he'll be fine. It's the Princess who needs to be entertained.

I need ideas, suggestions, websites, printables, games, activities, anything. Even if it seems silly, please leave it in the comments sections.

I'm also looking for things to see when we stop. I've decided to make this an actual road trip, where you get out the car to look at things instead of just gunning it across the country. According to Google, we will pass through Knoxville, Birmingham, Hattiesburg and Gulport. I would love suggestions on things to see, places to stop for a sit down meal and places to avoid.

The success of this road trip depends on me. I am a control freak want everything to work out perfectly. I need to keep my anxiety at bay. I need to not cop an attitude when The Z-Man refuses to smile for the 105th picture. I need to not stress. I need to enjoy my girlfriend and my kids. I need to enjoy the journey. I want to create a joyful memory for my children.

Ok, while you're thinking of ideas for the kids, can you suggest some activities for ME?


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Good luck woman. I hope I get to see you. Hannah plays her DS and sleeps. SHe's easy so I have no solutions for you about The Princess! But it'll be fun and you won't regret it!

I would hit the dollar section at Target or dollar store, pick up coloring books an stickers all sorts of stuff you can throw in a back pack. Also check the end caps at Target they usually have some good stuff on sale that might be good for a road trip. Also the stuff is cheap so if doesn't last or make it back home it's not that big of a deal.

I'd also have a new goodie for each leg of the trip so there is something new each time she gets in the car. This way she doesn't use everything in the first hour of the trip! Good luck I hope this is a smooth trip for everybody.

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