Random Tuesday Thoughts: I got some

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

1) I'm ready for a blog makeover. This was cute last year and it was better than what I had before but I'm over it. I need a fancy schmancy header, a tagline, a cartoon like picture of moi but much skinner. Any takers?

2) My daughter turns 7 tomorrow. S-E-V-E-N! I really can't even deal with the thought of this. We sat down together last night and looked at her baby pictures. She looks completely different now. I remember being pregnant with her. I remember her kicking the crap out of me with her knees. Funny how she still does that when we nap together. She's growing up and while I'm totally opposed to this, I can't seem to stop her.

3) I quit drinking. Friday January 22 was it. I had a bit too much fun involving Grey Goose, Cranberry and pictures on my Blackberry that are blackmail worthy. The liquor isn't my problem. It's the wine. Oh, my wine. My daily glass or two that over time has become three or four. I'd stop when I became either intoxicated or too sleepy to refill my glass. A few weeks ago I fell asleep on the sofa, watching 24 with a glass of wine in my hand. I didn't spill a drop because I'm talented like that. The next week came and I didn't have a bottle at the house. I began to lose my mind, because I didn't know how I would function without it. After I work all day, then pick up the kids and begin my real job...I'm fucking exhausted. Wine gets me through until bedtime. Wine chills me out. Wine makes me forget. Wine makes me happy. Or it did. Because I quit. I sure as hell didn't want to. Wine is was one of my best friends. When asked if I could just have one glass a night, I said no. I can't stop at one glass or two. I don't want to need it. So I'm done. Off the Pinot Grigio and Riesling. Now I'm detoxing which is literally and physically making me sick. I honestly didn't realize it was this bad.

4) I'm so unbelievably happy for Heather and Mike. The birth of Miss Annabel aka Annie is a wonderful start to 2010. She is absolutely gorgeous! I don't think I have seen such genuine smiles on their faces in a very long time. It is well deserved. Congratulations to the Spohr family. I wish I lived closer so I could hold that sweet baby girl.

5) Speaking of babies....my uterus has called and left an urgent voicemail. It's been inactive and wants back in the game. I've been jonesing (i have never ever ever used that word before but it's the only one that works) for a baby. Everyone around me is having babies. My Facebook and Twitter feed is full of little hands and feet. I see pregnant bellies and babies everywhere. They are calling to me. I want! Much harder for us lesbians to get knocked up. Plus my kids are 11 and almost 7. Do I really want to start over? Answer: Yeah, I kinda sorta do. Maybe.

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Psst...I'm proud of you. And I've been jonesing for a while now. :-/

um, if you want a baby come borrow mine for a day or so. :)

seriously, if y'all want a baby go for it!!!!! sperm donors!

and i'm glad you're on the wagon. YOU CAN DO THIS!

Welcome back..you've been missing for a while! A blog makeover is always good..I'm currently waiting for my banner and button to be made by Katydid and Kid. Can't wait..so esssited! I miss my babies being babies, but I sure don't want to do it all over again! I'll settle for visiting my friends babies and then go home!

Good for you. I have to cut myself off on a regular basis - not just from wine but from caffeine and sweets and all those other good things. Sigh.

My uterus needs a freakin' restraining order.

I am having "ghost" uterine 'jonesing'. I don't even have one anymore and between my preggo DIL and the pictures of Annie, I about had to drown myself to get over the need to squeeze baby cheeks!

Proud of you, sweetie. It takes a lot to realize you are developing a crutch and do something about it. And about the baby situation, the world could use another "Sunshine". :)

Good for you!! I am needing to remove the drinking from my life too. It's hard. You can do it. My uterus is screaming. I miss my babies, my kids are getting too old. My youngest is 11. ELEVEN!

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