For Anissa

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I haven't had the honor to meet Anissa Mayhew. I wish I had. When I think of Anissa I think of the most popular girl in school. She's smart, funny, pretty and everyone wants to be her friend. She's seems unreachable. Waaaay out of your league. That is until you run into her, she gives you a big hug and then grabs your boobs! That's my kinda girl and from all the stories I've read today it's right on!

Anissa suffered a stroke yesterday afternoon. She's a wife, momma to three beautiful children, friend, daughter, blogger. She's also a fighter. All of her friends online are fighting right beside her. We are uniting in prayer, positive thoughts and sending her all our love. We need you to get well Anissa and soon!

It's 8 days until Thanksgiving. In the spirit of the season, the season of giving, please consider making a donation to support the Mayhew family.

Cards & packages can be sent to:
The Mayhew Family
860 Johnson Ferry Road 140-184
Atlanta, GA 30342


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