Happy Birthday Maddie

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dear Maddie,

Happy Birthday Madeline. We all wish you were here to celebrate your 2nd birthday. Eagerly awaiting pictures of your face with cake strewn all over. Searching another photo trying to find you amidst tons of presents.

Your spirit lives on with your Mommy and Daddy. Continue to watch over them and your little sister Baby Binky. They miss you so very much.

Without knowing it, you have touched the world. With your smile, your curly blond hair and big blue eyes. The Famous Madeline! I only wish I had a chance to meet you.

Happy 2nd Birthday Maddie Moo!



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this is beautiful. so many of us are thinking of maddie today... and that's a really beautiful thing.

Wow. That's awesome you remembered. So touching. Happy birthday Maddie.

Beautiful post Chantel

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