Wordy Wednesday: Homework's Bad

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Today I'm borrowing the title Wordy Wednesday from my favorite Bored Mommy, Maria. Please stop by her blog and do some reading. She's smart, funny and her kids are gorgeous.

For this Wordy Wednesday I thought I'd share a poem written by my son. Enjoy.

Homework's Bad

Homework's really bad
When we do it, it makes us sad
Homework's killing trees
And it brings no glee

We learn at school, so why learn at home?
Instead of doing homework we could text on our phones

Instead of doing homework we could eat a tootsie roll
Instead of doing homework we could watch the Superbowl

Instead of doing homework we could watch TV
Except for the guys who cut down trees

So don't hand out homework
It's just a waste of time

And nobody's poem is better than mine.

-The Z-Man 10/13/09


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That is adorable! I hope you print it out on fancy paper and frame it! Have him autograph it, too. You never know! He could be a famous poet one day!

That's one smart kid! I happen to completely agree with him.

Greatest poem ever written. Seriously.

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