Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm sitting here trying to avoid thinking about my To-Do List. This is the list of personal things that must get done for my kids and I. When I think about the list, I want to do this:

Here's the list. Maybe it will speak for itself.
  • Pick up new bottles of Allergy Meds for son to take to Outdoor Education
  • Search thru unclipped stacks of coupons for a coupon because those meds are expensive
  • Drop off Medical form at son's Pediatrician so the nurse can give him the allergy meds while at Outdoor Education
  • Pick up form from Pediatrician
  • Drop off medications and forms at son's school
  • Buy items on list that we don't own i.e a compass for Outdoor Education
  • Pack for Outdoor Education
  • Get son to school early on Monday
  • Don't forget about the Princess. Picture day at school on Monday. Fill out order form, write check, wash her hair, dress her up blah blah blah
  • Have kids make a birthday card for their father. His birthday is...wait for it...MONDAY!
  • Have son decide if he is doing the Halloween thing this year or not. He is 11 and really tall and in Middle School
  • If so, purchase costume for son and daughter.
  • Prepare to be pissed because finding the wanted costume at this stage in the game is a joke.
  • The Pumpkin Patch! Crap, I haven't taken the kids yet.
  • Text hairdresser and beg for an appointment
Well, okay then. How does that look? I have a few days to tackle it all.

Now accepting applications for a personal assistant. I pay in Starbucks!



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Yep, that looks like a long task list for sure! Why is there never enough time in a day to balance out work life and family life so these things can be completed without "Da struggle?" I'm with you on the personal assistant.

Um, if I do some of those tasks, do I get a Starbucks?

Pick me, pick me! Oh wait, I live too far away! That allergy stuff sure does suck. Does the medicine actually help? Two of my kids and myself have allergies...and NOTHING works. I even get allergy shots...still nothing.

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