Margaritas & Chippendale's

Friday, October 30, 2009

For my first ever tweet-up I had the pleasure of meeting my favorite Knoxville Pixie. Let's call her Maura.

A friend of mine who lives in Annapolis recommended this lovely hole in the wall. They are known for their Margaritas and food that requires an Antacid before, during and after.

Once the nervousness subsided and a few sips of Margarita's were consumed, we talked about everything. We immediately became BFF's. After talking for a few hours we ordered food.

Chile Rellenos for Maura

Carne Asada for me

We threw in the Drunken Crab Dip because it's made with Tequila. Enough said.

We didn't eat too much food because of these:

The guys sitting behind us were assholes. We tried to make nice, we really did. They "claimed" to be Chippendale's dancers. Poor guys didn't have the face or body for it. After some friendly conversation, I overheard them talking shit about us. I guess we hurt their feelings. I told Maura and she jumped up to defend us.

Their rudeness temporarily spoiled our fun. Our waiter Brandon apologized profusely. He sat down to take a picture with us. He thought it was cool crazy that it was our first time meeting.

Maura and I told him there was a way he could make it up to us.
Waiter Brandon read our minds.

After we took our shots, Maura became very friendly.

Then she decided to finish MY Strawberry Margarita.
But I loves her so it was okay.

I had a great time meeting Maura. She's smart, funny, sassy, a great Mommy to her gorgeous daughters and my new best friend. I wish she lived closer!


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That's a really neat story...minus the jackasses...and now..I'm hungry for some mexican food and margaritas! Yum *drooling*

LOL! What a night...Me loves you too. XOXO Maura


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