Not So Great Beginnings

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

School started on August 31st. If you follow me on Twitter, you know the night before was a disaster. The Prince and The Princess spent the weekend with their dad. He said they were going to spend Saturday in New York City. He said they would be back between 4:30-5:00 pm on Sunday evening. He says a lot of things. Most of which are stupid. I agreed to this weekend trip because I expected they would be home in time to prepare for THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. I was bamboozled and I feel like a fool for trusting him!

I created the day before school starts traditions when my son entered Kindergarten. I cook dinner. We pick out their outfits, double check that their backpacks are ready to go, pack lunch and decide on what I will make them for breakfast in the morning. It's exciting and I look forward to spending that time with them.

This year was very important to me. The Prince started Middle School. The Princess sashayed her way into 1st grade. Two different schools, two different start times and I have to drive them both in the morning AND get to work on time.

The Ex-Factor returned MY kids at 12:30 in the damn morning! I told my love to answer the door because if I saw him, I was sure I would punch him in the face. I would have punched him the balls but he doesn't have any. Never has. I digress.

Finally the kids are home. They are exhausted, hungry and they stink. They bathed, put on PJ's and I had them both go straight to bed. My plans for our night before school traditions were ruined!

I ended up going outside to confront The Ex-Factor. He was getting into the drivers seat of their rented van about to pull off. He saw me, got out and walked over. He kept his distance. I will give him that, he's not 100% idiotic. He said to me, (inject smart ass sarcastic tone) "YES?" I explained calmly (yes, I really first) that this was unacceptable. I reviewed all the reasons this was wrong wrong WRONG. They start school in a few hours, I was told they would be home earlier, why didn't you call me, why didn't you answer your phone or respond to my text messages, the kids are going to be so tired when they wake up etc... He never apologized. All he said was, "I told you we would be home very late." I responded with HELL TO THE NO YOU DIDN'T! You said between 4:30-5:30pm. If you had said you would have been home this late I NEVER would have let the kids go. I, unlike you, have common sense. And I may or may not have called him a jackass piece of shit loser.

All the while his girlfriend is watching this from the passenger seat. I was so angry that I couldn't sleep. My blood was boiling. It is impossible to fight or argue with this man because he doesn't respond. To anything. I don't like to argue, or fight and I don't like confrontation. When it comes to general BS I let things go. I may vent with a friend or two but then I'm over it. But when it comes to my kids who I love more than anything, I don't play.

He walked to the van and drove off. I went inside and took care of the kids. I cried once they went to sleep.

This is the life of a single mom.


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Can I just say.....hello jackass!
Sounds just like Sperm Donor #1 in my life!

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