Girls Night Out - Wine Tasting

Thursday, August 6, 2009

On Thursday night I was invited to a Girls Night Out. I lugged my clothes, makeup and flat iron to work and tried to get purdy in 30 mins. I usually drive into DC but decided to Metro down. I made my way to Equinox Restaurant and climbed aboard the party bus. Chariots for Hire has various size pimped out rides to get you to and from your destination.

Me and Nik

Me & Stacy from Chariots for Hire

I was running late and I'm very thankful the other ladies didn't stone me when I finally got on board. We left DC for Market Salamander in Middleburg Virginia. They do Girls Night Out events with wine and food tasting for about $40 per person. The $40 includes a wine tasting of three red and three white wines, one full glass of wine of your choice and an entry into the raffle.

Me & Elizabeth & Katy - Ready to get the party started

I'm a white wine drinker so I dove right in. The food was good! They had a dinner and dessert entree to sample the wine with. I realized half way through the night I should have been "sampling" the wine. You know how they do it on TV: you smell it, sniff it, take a small sip, swish it around in your mouth. I didn't exactly do that. The first white wine I tried ended up being my favorite. Came home with two bottles.

This is Cameron from Loudon Valley Vineyards. See that yellow bottle? That's my fav wine of the night! The Traminette.

I made my way over to the next table and tried the next selection. The white wine was good but a tad dry for my taste.

Great food, so-so wine

The final tasting had empanadas (LOVE) and a very fruity and floral white wine. I thought I would like it, but I hated it. It tasted like drinking perfume. I tried it with the empanadas and the chocolate mousse tart. Didn't help, it made me feel like a flower.

Flower Power Torrontes - too floral for me

I sampled all three red wines. I can't really comment on those because I don't remember what they tasted like. By the time I finished sampling two of the red wines, it was time for the raffle. This particular GNO had three local Polo Players from Great Meadows. These poor guys tried to describe polo, explain how you play and passed around a mallet and ball. Imagine a room full of gorgeous, buzzed drunk women staring them down and talking about balls! Yeah, it was exactly like that!

Fast forward to the giveaways and guess who won? ME! ME! I won 12 Platinum Box Seats to the August 8th Polo Match. Market Salamander added in a $25 gift card towards tailgate food. Sweet!

Normally I would never ever ever post this picture of myself b/c I hate my profile but it captured the moment perfectly!

Now to pick 10 lucky friends to party with me...

*All photo's taken by Nakeva Photography of Nightlife PR. All rights reserved.


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Wow, this sounds like a great idea!! Too bad that wine wasn't that great but at least the food was good and the company better.

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