11 Years Ago Today

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I became a mom...

to an 8lb 2oz gorgeous baby boy and I immediately fell in love with you.

Watching you grow up...

has been an unbelievable honor and blessing. If it's true that children pick their parents, I am thankful you chose me. You are intelligent, funny, laid back, a leader, a friend, curious, loving, and always willing to help. I couldn't ask for a more perfect son.

When you became a big brother, your wish came true for a little sister. You loved her from day one.

You are the only one can that can make her giggle from deep inside her belly. You are an amazing big brother with incredible amounts of patience. Watching you as a big brother has reinforced what I've always known about you. You have a big heart!

Your Athletic...


and so much fun!

You are everything a mom could ever want in a son! I love you more and more with each passing day. Happy 11th Birthday!



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Happy Birthday Z-man and Chantel! He is a smart and wonderful boy.

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