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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I have a million things on my mind. I need to get them out so here goes nothing:

1) Michael Jackson: When the news started circulating about his Cardiac Arrest and possible death I remember seeing a tweet from someone in another country. They said if its true, if he is gone, it will be akin to the passing of Princess Diana for the United States. I read this tweet and thought no, that would be crazy. Lo and behold, I give you crazy!

I think Michael would be extremely embarrassed by the show that is taking place right now at The Staples Center. In my opinion, he was an abused, shy, confused and emotionally debilitated man. Yes, he was the ish back in the day. When I was t-e-n. In these last few years, he has been recluse and quiet save for the usual celebrity court battles. He has always been humble. If he's watching this Memorial Service from up above, I can picture him in a corner, with that scared smile on his face, awkward and unsure. It's sad that he's gone. I can only hope he's more at peace in the afterlife than he was here on Earth.

Now let's talk about those children of his. I don't know even the names but some articles I have read referenced one of them as "Blanket." Really? Who the hell names their child Blanket? I don't get it. But I digress on the name issue and bring up guardianship of the children. I think it's crazy his mother who is 79 freaking years old is the current guardian of his three children. I barely have enough energy to handle my two kids. How is she going to do this? Perhaps she was the only one in the family who wanted them?

On another note as pictures of the kids have popped up more frequently since his passing, my uncle is adamant that these children are not Michael's. My uncle questions why the children look white? Bleaching of the skin does not beget white offspring. You can't bleach out the black honey. As a mama, I do feel awful for the kids as they have lost their father. I hope his will (why the hell hasn't it been updated in 7 years?) provides for the kids and pays off that debt. Biological father or not, he loved and raised them and that's all that really matters.

P.S. My dad was born and raised in Gary, Indiana aka Birthplace of Michael. When I was a kid, I used to ask my dad if they were friends or played together. He just laughed at me...

That was only #1. Sheesh. Ok, check back in later for my thoughts on The Real World DC.


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"go on girl...the way ya make me feel..." Write it all out! I wonder about the kids as well. In Michael's words on that subject "ain't nobody's business but mine and my babys..."

He will always be one of my favorite artists and people of the world. and to me, his leaving the earth is as significant as Princess Diana and Elvis. All have their own personal issues, internal conflict, etc. but at least they touched the lives of many, mostly positive.

Waiting on your view of the Real World DC mess.

I'm a little through with the whole MJ drama. He was the King of Pop, given. His life was a saga of massive proportions, given. But we've had to appreciate his newsworthiness for years when he was alive and now, he's dead and he's even more in the media than before. It's true what they saw about leaving a lasting impression.

You have a really great blog! I'll definitely be back. :)

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