Operation Purple Balloon to Honor Maddie

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Twitter and Blogging community has opened up their heart in awe-inspiring ways in the wake of unimaginable sadness and loss. Many things have happened to honor Maddie since my first post.

Heather and Mike Spohr were featured in an LA Times Article about Maddie. KTLA came to the Spohr home today to do an interview & story on Maddie. I'll update the link when available.

Bloggers are using their creativity to encourage others to financially support the Spohr family with these unexpected expenses. Y at Joy Unexpected is giving away a Nikon Coolpix Camera. Gain an entry for the camera with every $10 you donate. This generosity inspired Insta-Mom to team up with One Ping Only to give away the new Nintendo DSi. Same rules apply, gain an entry for every $10 you donate. Both of these giveaways have been very effective this weekend in donating a significant amount of money to assist the Spohr's.

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Monica at Peapod Squad Stuff had an idea she called Operation Balloon Balloon in memory of Maddie. I immediately signed on to participate. Purple is the color for March of Dimes (Maddie was born prematurely) and a special color for the Spohr family. It also happens to be my favorite color. Today my family went outside, stood together, said a special prayer for Maddie, Heather & Mike and released our purple balloons into the sky. I stood and watched until I couldn't see them anymore. This simple act gave me a small sense of peace. Please take a moment to view the slide show of my family's participation in Operation Purple Balloon.



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What a beautiful tribute!

So nice to see your tribute. Beautiful.

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