In Honor of Madeline Alice Spohr

Friday, April 10, 2009

On April 7, 2009, Mike and Heather Spohr unexpectedly lost their sweet baby girl Maddie. I wasn't familiar with the Spohr family through Twitter or Blogs until this tragedy however that doesn't make it any less painful. As a mom, I am heartbroken beyond belief for their loss. I don't know what you do, or what it feels like, or how you cope with the loss of a child. I have no words that can make the pain go away. The Spohr family is in our hearts, thoughts and prayers.

I am inspired at the outpouring of love and support from the Twitter community. Talk about a fast mobilization to support two friends, fellow Tweeters, bloggers and parents. Word can spread like wild fire in a positive way in the wake of a tragedy or crisis. Please visit the website below for detailed information on how you can show your support for the Spohr family & honor Maddie.

March for Maddie (Central Page for all things Maddie)

Remember Maddie

Operation Purple Balloon

For more information please visit the following blogs:

Sarcastic Mom

A Mom to Two Boys

Undomestic Diva


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This is a sad occasion and my prayers and positive energy go out to the family. Thank you for posting this and sharing your thoughts. Twitter has its great moments when people are in need and I hope this gets the family what they need at this time.

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