Happy Birthday to ME

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Today is my birthday. At least for the next 33 minutes. How ironic that I look at the clock and the time remaining for my birthday is the same as my age. *ahem*

I'm celebrating all week long, as I should. Celebrate with me with pictures!

 On Tuesday my Love and I went on a romantical dinner date
at the Melting Pot.

 A few different cheeses, brie is the only name I remember with chives.

Hello lover! Cheese and bread = heaven

 Speaking of lovers, there she is! My Love.

 Eat your veggies.

Sprinkle this on your salad. Trust me! It was so good. The Melting Pot gave me one to take home for a Birthday present. Which I then left at the restaurant. I blame the bottle of wine (see next picture, top left corner)

 Our amazing server Laura tossing in the Burgundy wine for our Coq au Vin.

Drop in your potatoes right away. Those suckers take 10 minutes to cook.
Not pictured is our platter of raw shrimp, duck, chicken and steak. When you're not in the moment, photo's of raw food doesn't look very appealing.

Birthday Cheesecake

Milk Chocolate Creme Brulee for dessert.

One last picture before I make the chocolate creme brulee mine. All mine!

I'm not sure how my Love and I got home. Four courses of delish food, excellent service and even better company. This was a great start to my birthday.

Today has been a whirlwind. I went to the DMV and renewed my license. I always go on my actual birthday. I think I do this because it helps me remember when it expires. I can't be sure. Who knows what my thought process was 10 years ago. Most likely I was home on my birthday with young children and needed to get out of the house. Anyway, I escaped unscathed after 45 minutes with a brand spanking new license.

The Z-Man and the Princess both wanted to have lunch with me today. I raced home from the DMV and picked up the requested McDonald's and had lunch with both kids. At different schools in a 40 minute time frame. How lucky are my kids that on my birthday I bring them McDonald's for lunch? I even went back to McDonald's a separate time so the Princess would have hot french fries. There's a reason she's the Princess.

 She's a Princess with a big heart! She "ordered" me to wear this all today.
I rocked it at lunch. I rocked it on the playground at recess. I rocked it while my best friend treated me to a manicure. I rocked it at the football field for practice. From this day forward, I declare, Chantel shall always wear a Tiara on her birthday.

The final on my actual birthday celebration involved the team singing to me which I loved! The parents and kids gave me a card and inside there was cold hard cash. I can only use the money on myself. I'm thinking a facial. Or a massage.

Then I received the final final gift of the night.

It's been an amazing birthday so far! I can't wait to see what the rest of the week has in store.



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I'm so glad your birthday was so great. Now you're making me want to go back to the Melting Pot!

Happy Birthday! It looks likeyou had a good one. I went to the Melting Pot for my sister's bday last year. Mmm...cheese.


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