Just Say No

Monday, August 23, 2010

This morning when my alarm went off at 6:45, I knew I had a problem. I threw on an over sized t-shirt and "not to be worn outside the house" pants, quickly brushed my teeth, grabbed the bowl of watermelon from the fridge, picked up a dozen donuts, then dropped off said watermelon and donuts at son's school. Drove back home, contemplated crawling back in bed but instead got dressed for work.

Contribution for Staff breakfast: Check

I'm the Team Mom for my son's Football Team because I wanted to be. Even if I didn't want to and I was asked, I would have said YES. Because I can't say no.

The Cheerleading Coordinator asked the parents for a volunteer to be Team Mom. I knew there was no way I could do it. I stood there envisioning myself mixing up the snack schedules and emailing football parents the Cheerleading information and vice versa. It's just too much. Yet, I literally had to bite my tongue not to raise my hand and say ME! Because I can't say no.

I'm organizing Restaurant Night for the Elementary School. One night a month we take over a local restaurant for dinner. A portion of that night's proceeds are given to the PTA. It's a great fundraiser. When the new PTA President asked me to do this, I said SURE. Because I can't say no.

When my friends need help, I'm there. Even if I'm exhausted and delirious much like right now, because I can't say no.

School starts next week and I'm already in way over my head. There's no telling what I'll sign up for, agree to and offer up once the school year begins. Do I have anything else to give?

I know the reasons behind my over zealous volunteeritis. I need to keep busy. I need to occupy my mind. I can't sit still and think. Thinking leads to deep thoughts. Deep thoughts lead me down dark roads.

Instead I'll keep saying yes. Organizing homecoming, banquets, restaurant nights, classroom parties, chaperoning field trips and whatever else is thrown my way.

Because I can't say no.



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@tom the girl More like crazymom. Either way, I should get a cape.

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