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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I went into BlogHer to meet my on-line friends, attend the parties, explore New York and be a small part of a large community of amazing women bloggers.

As I said in my pre-BlogHer post, blogging, Twitter and Facebook go hand in hand. I am a fan of Social Media. I use Social Media on a daily basis. One aspect of the conference I was excited about was the integration of Social Media.

After my love and I unpacked our bags, we headed to the hotel bar for a Pomegranate drink and fruit Kabob. There we met the face behind the Twitter account for Hilton New York. We also met the VP of Operations, Julie Torres. We sat down and talked for over an hour. We discussed the power of Social Media and how they are harnessing it for their business. They get it.

I know that BlogHer understands Social Media and they used it throughout the conference to keep us informed. Jimmy Dean and Hillshire Farm were sponsors of BlogHer. I was kept informed of their activities during the conference from their tweets. I however, only found their tweets by searching the BlogHer hashtag.

As I walked through the second floor of the Expo, I came across this.

BlogHer10 by Chantelligence-6417

BlogHer10 by Chantelligence-6418It was the first time I saw a Brand represented at the conference that made it simple to find them on Twitter or Facebook. They even tossed in Foursquare which made me beam! I spent a lot of time talking to the four representatives about their company’s use of Social Media.

I wish all the other Brands did this. I can’t say no one else did because obviously I didn’t make it to every single solitary booth but I did hit up at least 97% of them. This blatant obvious large poster spoke to me as a consumer. In my opinion Eggland’s Best is willing, ready and able to use Social Media to interact with their customers. I didn’t have any other companies verbally tell me how to follow them on Twitter or “like them” on Facebook. Nor did I receive anything by hand other than free products and brochures.

When I was interviewed by PepsiCo for an internal video memo on how Brands can interact better with women, this was my main point. It was before I came upon Eggland’s Best booth. I am active on Twitter. If I have a question, concern, complaint or tale of excellent customer service, Twitter is the first place I’ll go. I will not call your company’s 1-800 number, spend 15 minutes pressing 1, then 3 then 4 and so on, in hopes of finding a human being. Twitter and Facebook are reality. I hope other companies who are not currently represented online in Social Media, jump on the bandwagon. Dare I say it’s becoming a mandatory?

In addition to Brands and Sponsors communicating they “get it” in regards to Social Media, I would love to see more technical workshops or sessions. Perhaps something with tips and tricks for Wordpress or Blogger?

I am only one person and this is my perspective and opinion. I would love to hear your thoughts on how you experienced Social Media at BlogHer. Do you think that the companies represented had a one track mind (giving away as many free products as possible) in regards to their presence at the conference. Or is it merely a stepping stone towards building a relationship. And if so, for what purpose? Think back to a few of the booths in the expo hall that you enjoyed. Do you know how to contact these companies on-line?

Let’s discuss!


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