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Friday, August 13, 2010

BlogHer was everything I thought it would be. I met my favorite bloggers and attended parties. I did some sight seeing in New York City and walked to the point of exhaustion. I hailed cabs Sex in the City style and ate New York style pizza. There were a lot of hugs, kisses and squealing. I’m not one to use the expression “squeeeee” but I couldn’t help it. It was surreal to see someone you know, then when you both realize who each other are, commence the “squeeee.” It was unavoidable.

I have spent the week reading other’s BlogHer recap posts. Women were happy, sad, disappointed, healed, loved, nurtured and tired. I believe any experience is what you make of it. I had an amazing time!!! See you in San Diego.

Me and Ree @ThePioneerWoman

Me and Maria @BoredMommy

Oh yes we did!

Amazing cake by Ace of Cakes at the Sparklecorn party

Me and Angel @TheMommyTsunami

Me and Heather @Mamaspohr

Me and Kate @lonek8

Me and Lex @laprimera

Me and Lotus @SarcasticMomLC

The Plaza Hotel

Love this picture

Love the reflection

Taping for the Rachel Ray Show

The Twitter Gourmet worked magic with 5 crazy ingredients.

This is my attempt at fancy schmancy photography

View of Central Park from Top of the Rock

Empire State Building from Top of the Rock.


Eventually I will add more photo's to my Flickr account.

Show me your BlogHer Photo's, link up in the comments section.


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I love all of these! I'm so glad you went and had fun :)

I'm so glad we finally got to meet in NYC!! Miss you already!!!

@Becks Thanks babe. I'm glad I went too. I hope you can come to San Diego next year!!

@Maria Me too times infinity!!

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