Annoying Interruptions

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Princess Patalie: Mom, guess what? Today at school.....

Me: Oh my gosh, guess what happened today at work. I was walking...

PP: MOM! Stop it. Ok, so guess what? Today at school, in Art class....

Me: Art. I was never good at art unless I could trace a picture....

PP: Mommy, come on I'm trying to tell you something.

Me: Ok baby girl go ahead.

PP: Today at school, in art....

Me: Ugh work today was awful


Me: What am I doing PP? What is the word for it?

PP: Annoying

Me: True, but what else?

PP: Butting

Me: Butting in yes but there's another word. It starts with an "I"

PP: Interrupting!

Me: That's right baby girl. Wasn't that annoying?

PP: Yes and it was rude.

Me: Now you know how I feel when I'm trying to talk and you interrupt me. I don't like it.

PP: Sorry mom.

20 minutes later.....

PP: Mom, I'm going to say something and you be annoying and interrupt me. That was fun! Let's play again.

Disclaimer: this is my first time mobile blogging. Please ignore spelling and grammatical errors. I'm typing fast as it happens on my Blackberry after 2 glasses of wine. This is my life.
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HAHA!! I love it :)

Don't you hate it when you think you've taught them a lesson and then it turns out they just learned a new game? Ha ha.

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