Wordless Wednesday - Tears

Wednesday, May 27, 2009



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awwwwwwww she is beautiful :)

how could you NOT come back to her?! precious!

awww, what a little princess.


I still have to double take! That is a big change to come back to...little girl with tight curls now with long, straight hair. You did a good job of not raising the dead from the ex's new GF making the change! Good job!

She is now officially a little princess. I'm scared :)

What great smiles they have!

awww *tear* is right!!!! She is so beautiful though isnt she - they do grow up way too fast!

Thanks everyone for the comments. She is growing up and definitely a little princess. She loves the straight hair. I don't think she'll ever want it curly again. (sigh)

OMG, she looks SO much older with the straight hair!!! How long will the straight look last?


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