All I need is L♥VE

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day or as I like to call it spend more money than you can afford to tell your loved one that you REALLY love him/her when if you are any kind of decent person, hopefully you tell them or show them every day.

Valentine's Day and the Christmas season are two times of the year when I get easily annoyed. I can't stand the advertising, the commercials, balloons bigger than my head at the grocery store, "specials" on roses, jewelry sales, 4 hour waits at restaurants and for me personally the ridiculous price of a hotel room the night of the 14th.

I'm in a relationship with someone I love deeply. We both know how much we love each other. We show each other in simple every day ways like taking out the trash, folding the laundry, unloading the dishwasher. Basic household every day stuff but it still has to get done. When you live with someone for awhile a routine sets in. You get set in your ways and in my experience, inevitably one person takes on more of the responsibility for these mundane, pain in the ass chores. Some days, nothing says I love you more than taking out the trash or running the vacuum.

If you're single or dating I know this sounds damn unromantic. Just wait...throw a few kids in the mix and seeing your partner wipe down the kitchen counter will get your panties in a knot.

I have a love/hate relationship with Valentine's Day. Sometimes I want the flowers (which will be dead in a week) the chocolates, the card, a pretty blue box. When I ask myself why I don't really have a good reason. Last year a co-worker received flowers, candy, a card, chocolate, and more chocolate and I was immediately jealous. I have never had anything delivered to me at work on V-day. I secretly want it all. I rack my brain asking myself WHY? The only answer I could come up with was to make everyone else jealous. Lame reason.

I think for me, Valentine's Day has turned into another one of those days that I tolerate for my kids. Yesterday I went to both classroom parties and enjoyed looking at all the loot my 6 year old daughter received. For kids, its about the cards, candy and sweet treats with their friends. It simple, sweet and innocent.

So here I am, Super Love day as my love calls it. The past few months I've been researching, planning, and thinking about what I can do. A big surprise, a quick getaway, a secret lovers weekend. I won't lie, girlfriend needs a break from work, the kids, life, this state! In all my research everything is just out of my budget. Valentine's Day would have to line up with a 3 day weekend wouldn't it? An extra day to get away! So frustrating because I want out but I'm at home.

Then I realize that the most important thing is that I have spent time with my children. I'm spending time with the one I love and we can just be together. I'm content sitting next to her on the sofa, watching TV, both of us on our laptops blogging, tweeting. Doing what we do. It turned out to be perfect, for us!

The expectations on this day are overwhelming, can lead to disappointment, and hurt feelings. The most important thing is LOVE. In the end when I realize I got caught up once again in this over commercialized and marketed 24 hours, I don't care about the flowers, the candy, the card, the gifts. I know I don't need those "things" to know that I'm loved. I want to be loved and appreciated, to have a shoulder to cry on, someone in my life to stand by my side and hold my hand through this crazy ride called life.

The best Valentine's Day gift is that I have exactly that!!

Wishing you a loved filled Valentine's Day.


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You very eloquently said exactly what I think and feel about this Hallmark Holiday! My BF isn't even home right now. Why? Because his friend needed help and I know he loves me so I don't care if he's home. He loves me 24/7/365 - why is 2/14 significant?

ROFL! Great post. I feel the same way about some of the things you mentioned. Its a day of love that turns into spend this, get me that, and for some, realizing they are single again! Its hard not to get caught up in what everyone is doing for Super Love Day because in part, you will be questioned by friends, family and co-workers the next day and basically comparing stories. But like any other marked day on the calendar, its a day to recognize a person, a concept or an event.

I think I'm lucky to have a great person like you be a friend and more 365 days a year! You are a wonderful mom doing her best to make it all work. I wanted that trip away and its sweet we both were trying to accomplish the same thing! I like the "two geeks in a tech pod" scenario we have going because no matter where we are or with whom we share our time, we have Super Love Day everyday.

Now, can you pass that beer and hand me my blackberry?


Ummmmm...I'm assssuuuuuummmmiiiinngggg that you are refering to me as that co-worker who got all that sh*t last year for V-day! Well, as you may or may not know...I didn't want any of that came from someone that I didn't even know that well and I guess he was trying to impress me but it didn't just scared me and made me think he's a Plus, you know that when I get flowers at work I sell them to Rubin! I make a quick $20 off a dozen roses...can't beat that ;-) lol!

Very nice and Nik are a match made in Heaven :-)

I agree! Its a day of jacking up the prices on simple things like flowers, cards and a nice dinner. You should tell the ones around you that you love them every day. Hey Nicole...I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

AND I totally love your Blog, so pretty and so well written. Can't wait to read updates. MUAH!

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